Back to the Roots: Graubünden cuisine at the BESTZEITBack

New for summer 2018 | 15 June 2018:

A lot of attention will be focused on Graubünden cuisine at the BESTZEIT lifestyle and sport hotel this summer. With a nod to our Back to the Roots tagline, the team of chefs at the Allegra Restaurant will be conjuring up all manner of culinary delights from the Swiss Canton of Graubünden for serving to our guests.

We place special emphasis on sustainable ingredients and on having a wide variety of dishes to offer. It is for this reason that we will be returning to our roots this summer to dedicate ourselves to the region’s traditional cuisine.

As an alternative to the Allegra Restaurant, you can also enjoy food and drink in the open air on our sun terrace. Let yourself be pampered on our idyllic terrace, as you sit and let your batteries recharge.

You can also enjoy the facilities of our Cigar Lounge.

However you choose to spend your day and evening, our mission is to ensure that your stay with us is one of pure enjoyment.

Allegra Restaurant


Cigar Lounge